2017 RSH3 MisManagement



Grand Master(bator) - Smirnoff Clothes-Off 



Religious Advisor - Vanilla Creamsicle



Hash Cash - DBAR Fondler



Song Meister - Babysitter Bang Bang 



Haberdasher - Mommy Dresses Me





Hare Raiser - Foo Fucker




Hash Flash - Happy New Rear



Hash Scribe - Jackson Polyps



Web Bastard - Spartan Ass


Beer Bitch - Spanx for the Mammaries



Beer Meister - Dugong Thong



On-Sec - IRS










Hash Positions of Importance 

Grand Master(bator)/Mattress - makes sure everyone else gets their jobs done (see below) and picks up the slack if someone doesn't.

Religious Advisor - runs the circle, does the blessing of hares, dispenses with down-downs to the pack as needed for perceived hash crimes or rewards down-downs for those that are worthy.

Hash Cash - collects & keeps hash cash, takes attendance, & updates attendance sheet. Reimburses beer meister and hares as needed. this position requires attendance at hashes.

Beer Meister - makes sure there is cold, cheap beer at every hash for circle. [helps if you have class VI access]

Song Meister - always ready with a song for circle or song check. Comes to hashes.

Haberdasher - designs and orders patches, t-shirts, longevity awards, hash name necklaces, happi coats, and other hash stuff as needed. Brings them to hashes.

Hare Raiser - gets people to sign-up to lay trail. (It helps to get them tipsy at DP first.) Pairs up virgin hares with experienced hares. [MOST IMPORTANT JOB]

Hash Flash - collects good or incriminating pictures on or off trail.

Hash Scribe - Writes up a narrative based on facts as they remember them, for those that could not make it to trail or don't remember being on trail.

Beer Bitch/Angel - keeps the beer flowing at the On-In / circle-up. [I think this should be a revolving duty that is awarded by RA to the FRB/DFL or longest lost hasher]

Web Mistress/Bastard - Sends out (or delegates) announcements about upcumming hashes on Facebook (& yahoo/hashspace/website/meetup/twitter/linkedin if desired) the keeper of the passwords.

Drinking Practice D'erector- sets up a DP during weeks when the previous hare doesn't. revolving locations.

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